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Okay, so I need some help with my coursework.

I’m doing an essay on how women are represented in superhero films and I’m trying to explain how women are heroines in X-Men: First Class but I’ve got nothing. So I’d really appreciate any thoughts any of you may have!


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  1. username-goes-here answered: I think Moira would be the best example b/c she took action even though everyone doubted her. She’s pretty much the reason they’re together.
  2. ofclockworkcandles answered: people tend to gravitate to stereotypes- the cheerleader or the tomboy or uber shy or wonderwoman… they are a bit cliche
  3. whose-legs-are-these said: Don’t forget Emma frost, sure she’s not a good guy but; she’s a very powerful woman who knows what she can do and how to easily manipulate people into doing what she wants. Her strength is even show in her diamond form and her nick name ‘the ice queen’
  4. the-last-bad-wolf said: so to speak, she went with what she believed to be right. She stuck with it, even though she may have been upset by it. It takes courage to do something like that. (idk if this was any help so, woops )
  5. the-last-bad-wolf answered: The way in which Raven chooses to go with Eric could be sen as heroin-ism(?) While she may not have chosen the ‘good side’
  6. bifca answered: what do you mean? Like how they’re kickass or?
  7. lordhighdukemartinofcrieffstonia said: and at the end she figuredo ut that that way wasnt going to work?// i dk if that helps…
  8. lordhighdukemartinofcrieffstonia answered: welll like mystique sort of just follows until she finds herself…she thought she was one person at the beginning of the film
  9. consultinghound answered: The CIA Officer putting her country’s safety first before her job and Raven fighting for what she believes in (her mutation)?
  10. earthboundsatyr answered: Mystique. For most of the movie she’s trying to train to be a hero, in spite of her body image issues.
  11. bluejayvalentine answered: i guess this is kinda opposite of what you are trying to say, but have you heard of the trope, women in refrigerators? its really interesting
  12. killjoyinacape said: Isn’t that cheating?
  13. british-sarcasm said: First Class specifically? Ouch, tough one there. There’s Moria McTaggert - despite all of the prejudice and propaganda about mutants she still has a good sense of right or wrong, even going again Magneto att he very end.
  14. obliviators answered: I think Moira is a heroin. She takes matter into her own hands and she isn’t a mutant, or have powers which I think makes M strong and a hero
  15. oswinsgotmoxie answered: I’d start by breaking down what a heroine actually is. What does it mean? What are the characteristics of one? How do the chars display that?
  16. peterquill answered: To be fair, women aren’t really well-represented in the movie. You could make a case for Mystique/Raven and how she made her own decisions.
  17. benedictcumberbtch answered: Well there’s maura. Who is way above what men thought about women at the time. And don’t forget mystique.. Although she is a goody going bad
  18. alittledandy answered: Mystique and Magneto’s interactions? How he encourages her to ‘be herself’, that translates into real life pretty well <3
  19. ha-i-ole answered: no this is not cheating. STORM CONTROLS THE WEATHER. END OF ARGUMENT. also note that jean grey is supposedly the “heir” to prof. (: xx
  20. blackkwidows answered: I think you could talk about Jean Grey…And maybe Rogue as in the movie she makes her own choices? And basically fights too but…
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