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If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life's best part.


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i’m going to see the hobbit for a third time on monday

i’m so happy

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  4. elvendorkinfinity said: I saw it for the third time yesterday. Still as awesome as the first time. :-)
  5. public-call-box said: urhg you so lucky I have only gotten to see it once BUT IT WAS SO GOOD AND I NEED IT MORE
  6. daniskatra said: Oh, hey! Me too. 3rd time, Monday! (:
  7. lucyliued said: Take me with you.
  8. lazarusonfire said: watched it for a third time today, and WANT MORE))
  9. everdeenofasgaard said: *le jealous*
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    my mom wont take me to see the hobbit again and i dont have a licenses :/
  11. jennalouisahasmoved said: I saw it for the third time about a week ago and my family made fun of me lol. I know it’s so good you start to miss it after a while. :)
  12. prettyfandomthings said: Me too! :L