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no sarah

do not make doctor hobbit au’s

posted on February 12 with 35 notes
  1. alotistwowords said: DOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIT!
  2. professionallyconfused said: PLEASE MAKE HOBBIT WHO AND MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE
  3. nightfallswithgravity said: DO IT DO IT
  4. mundycide said: doctor whobbit
  5. nostalgic-intentions said: Do it. Hobbit Who. You know you want to. DO IT
  6. memeki said: Do it!
  7. hostile17foundthetardis said: DO IT!! *scurries away quickly*
  8. blueandscaly said: YES I APPROVE. DO EET. Please.
  9. queerobbiereyes said: do it
  10. he-wears-a-pair-of-silver-wings said: yes, you should. It would be great!
  11. accidentallyshipping said: … that would be really freaking awesome o.o
  12. lm-mage said: Burglar Doctor?
  13. lockedin221b said: Shhh don’t listen to her, Sarah. You know you want to. It’s okay.
  14. watsonisawallflower said: hobbit who sounds better XD
  15. bluebackstabber said: whobbit
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