If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life's best part.


SuperWho AU: The tables are turned when the Doctor is the one in need of some help from the boys.

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SuperWho AU: Well done, Dean. Now the Doctor’s ego won’t fit in the TARDIS.

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SuperHollow AU: The Winchesters visit Sleepy Hollow only to have a sense of déjà vu.

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SuperHollow AU: A homicidal headless horseman? Of course the Winchesters would be interested.

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SuperWho AU: Bodyswap.

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SuperWho AU: The Winchester’s find a tablet that holds a message for the Doctor.

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Supernatural AU: Accompany Piece to This

└ Castiel and Sam share in the same delusions that they are destined for better things. Dean is reluctant to believe them.

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SuperWho AU: A Rose Between Two Thorns

└ In Pete’s World, Rose meets two men called Dean and Sam Winchester. Together they work to keep the world safe from aliens, monsters and the Devil himself.

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I’ve got a war in my mind.

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SuperWhoLock AU: One More Miracle

└ Dean is suspicious about the way Sherlock Holmes died so the Winchesters decide to call in some help.

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